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  1. Greetings Occupy Groups,
    As an activist fighting GMOs for many years I would like to make a sincere suggestion to your leadership team based on my experiences with this issue.
    From the experts in this same battle comes the wise advice that the ultimate way to usher out the GMO era is to convince people not to buy GMOs. With enough rejection of GMOs at the supermarket the tide will turn. One significant problem stands in the way of that happening, and that is consumer knowledge of the issue. Marketplace stealth has thus far been highly successful.
    As you are well aware the media is not interested in covering this modern saga of food freedom and transparency. Likewise the politicians are generally not interested in helping out. Our reliance upon social networking, demonstrations, petitions, and other grassroots efforts have so far and will likely continue to fall short of the needed public awareness of GMO stealth. Even the enormous amount of hard work behind a successful truth-in-labeling referendum can be shot down by a corrupt judge(s). The possibility of long court battles and repeated appeals is very probable.
    After many years of trying to get leaders of all kinds to step up and do the right thing of standing up for transparency, I have met with enough frustration that I will no longer waste my time hoping for my efforts to move them.
    Several weeks ago I started a local door to door literature distribution campaign and have gained the help of 5 other people, plus half a dozen doctors now distribute literature in their offices. Funding has greatly exceeded my expectation as well. I am presently working on more helpers and expect some success shortly.
    There is certainly energy for this kind activism and in my opinion there is a far better potential for success than what we are presently attempting in the things mentioned above. *However, I do think truth in labeling could be a huge help IF Monsanto’s influence in the judicial system would not prevail.
    I ask that your team consider promoting this kind of effective grassroots activism among your members. The positive energy for change in your ranks can tip the scales for food freedom and transparency.
    My team of helpers use this pamphlet – to educate our communities. On the back panel is a website address for more extensive education, including how to identify and avoid GMOs. In my opinion the pamphlet and website are topnotch.
    Please consider this appeal.
    Thank you.

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